The Water Cure?


takingabathIs it possible that we are overlooking one of the most healing substances on the planet? We all know water is good for us as we are made mostly of water, but how many of us think of it as a valid medical treatment?

The Water Cure.

Though known throughout the world the “Water Cure” did not spread to America until 1850. For a few years it prospered greatly. Many physicians however seemed opposed to it as a remedy as it was practical and inexpensive and to their chagrin could be used in any home without a doctor.

Not surprisingly in 1870 a law was passed that prevented Water Cure practitioners from operating in NY State. Since at the time New York was the center of these and most medical treatments the practice was abandoned just about everywhere.

Some claimed that their water possessed miraculous healing powers, which was simply not true. The truth was that the use of pure clean water combined with proper diet, exercise, rest, recreation, pleasant surroundings and sunshine affects a cure.

Effects of Cold Water:
Prolonged exposure to cold depresses all of the normal physiological reactions in the body while short periods of time act as a general stimulant for vital functions.
This includes digestion, elimination, respiration, pulse rate, and muscle tone. Even the endocrine glands like the thyroid are stimulated to greater activity.
When drinking cold water: One effect is your body burns a few extra calories in order to raise it back up to 98.6 degrees and is also absorbed into the blood stream easier for quick hydration.

Effects of Hot Water:
Hot bath applications should be at or above 98 degrees. Hot water causes increased circulation. A full hot bath can cause increased pulse rate. A bath given from 106 to 108 degrees will increase heart rate to 120 beats per minute. A bath even hotter, up to 112 degrees will raise the pulse up to 150 beats per minute. When doing very hot baths place an ice pack over the heart and a cold cloth on the head to avert fainting or dizziness. At the end of a hot bath always rinse with cooler water to close the pores of the skin. This will help you not to catch a chill when cooling down.
When drinking hot water: Your body temperature increases slightly. Your body will regulate by sweating to cool down. This helps to rid you of toxins and purify the blood.

Effects of Warm Water:

The temperature of a warm bath is between 92 and 98 degrees. Blood pressure is decreased with warm water. Warm baths are mild and soothing.

Waters Effect on Sickness –

Sedative – A warm bath relaxes and soothes and helps promote restful sleep without the side effects of medications.

Antipyretic – There is no drug that can reduce the body temperature more quickly than a cool or cold bath.

Analgesic – Hot water always gives pain relief.

Anticonvulsant – Warm to hot water is unrivaled at relaxing muscle spasms.

Astringent – Cold water stops hemorrhaging – this is why when you cut yourself they say to run it under cold water, it is not just to clean it out.

Laxative – Water is natures laxative.

Stimulant – A short hot bath (5 minutes or less) is a very effective stimulant increasing pulse rate and circulation.

Derivative – Method of removing blood from one part by increasing it in another.

Diuretic – the more water you drink, the more urine will be produced.

Expectorant – hot water applied to the chest loosens phlegm to be coughed up.

Anesthetic – Prolonged local use (such as an ice pack) causes numbness.

*You can also add fresh flowers, herbs and essential oils to hot baths for added healing benefits. We have all seen luxurious baths in the movies where the tub is filled with rose petals. Not only is it a stunning visual effect, rose oil, which is released from the petals with heating, has been shown to help heal stretch marks, soothe skin and help heal scarring as well as work wonders on skin exposed to poison ivy. Please check each herb and flower individually to make sure it is safe before adding to bath water.

Hydrotherapy is not a cure all but no other method is as inexpensive and potentially successful. It is not instant often requiring repeated application and many of us are used to the quick paced mentality of “just take a pill” lots of us are waking up to the realization that taking prescription and over the counter medication for everything often leads to a host of unwanted side effects along with in some cases possibility of addiction and dependence as well as body toxicity which can in turn lead to other illnesses over time.

There is no downside to trying hydrotherapy. It’s cheap, effective and has no side effects.

Author: Sarah J. Barendse &

Source: Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss


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