Natural News releases Certificate of Analysis for Clean Chlorella, including radiation test results


Here at Natural News, we are spearheading a campaign of total transparency for superfoods and nutritional supplements, including publicly posting our Certificate of Analysis for Clean Chlorella and Clean Chlorella SL.

You can view these documents yourself by opening these PDFs:……

As these documents show, Clean Chlorella is the cleanest chlorella available anywhere on the planet in terms of lacking toxic elements (heavy metals), and it is quite possibly the cleanest superfood you’ll ever find anywhere. These certificates describe both food contaminants as well as radiation tests. You’ll notice that the radiation tests show no radiation from the chlorella.

Heavy metals tests are super clean

As the analysis shows, our Clean Chlorella is phenomenally clean, testing at:

• < 1.0 ppm Aluminum (Al)
• < 0.01 ppm Lead (Pb)
• < 0.01 ppm Cadmium (Cd)
• < 0.01 ppm Mercury (Hg)
• < 0.01 ppm Arsenic (As)

It’s important to understand these extraordinary numbers. We are not merely saying these metals are under 1 ppm. They are, for all four heavy metals, under 1/100th of 1 ppm. Or, stated differently, these metals are present at less than 10 ppb (parts per billion) in our Clean Chlorella product. This is almost unheard of in the supplements industry.

Aluminum is present at less than 1 ppm, which is phenomenally low. We found aluminum at over 30 ppm in other chlorella brands, as you can see at

Our certified organic Clean Chlorella SL, produced under extremely clean conditions in Taiwan, also has a remarkably clean profile, although it’s not quite as clean as our regular Clean Chlorella, shown above:

• < 4.0 ppm Aluminum (Al)
• < 0.1 ppm Lead (Pb)
• < 0.05 ppm Cadmium (Cd)
• < 0.05 ppm Mercury (Hg)
• < 0.2 ppm Arsenic (As)

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Why heavy metals matter

You will not find a cleaner source of chlorella anywhere in the industry, period! We know because we’ve checked dozens of sources and have spent many tens of thousands of dollars on laboratory testing.

Every source of chlorella we tested — including famous doctor brands, Japanese brands, Chinese brands and India brands — showed higher metals than our Clean Chlorella.

Overall, the good news is that chlorella universally tested much cleaner than most foods, so across the board, chlorella is a remarkably clean and powerful superfood. However, because chlorella is often used by people who are seeking to greatly reduce their exposure to heavy metals, it seems especially important to limit the presence of heavy metals in chlorella. After all, if you’re trying to get rid of metals, it makes no sense to keep swallowing more, especially when so many people have compromised detoxification pathways or glutathione deficiencies.

But why do heavy metals matter in the first place? Here’s why:

Lead – Reduces IQ and cognitive function. Contaminates bones and causes osteoporosis. Literally “makes you stupid” and is especially harmful to children. Routinely found in candy and all sorts of edibles grown in China, including many Chinese herbs. The half-life of lead in the human body is 27 years for lead in bones (which is where roughly 90% of the lead you eat goes), and only 30 days for lead in blood. (This is also why blood tests for lead are all but useless.) In other words, about half the lead you eat today will still be present in your bones in the year 2040.

Cadmium – The “kidney destroyer” metal, cadmium is also an estrogen mimicker that imbalances hormone function. Cadmium is routinely found in rice products, including organic brown rice and rice proteins. We are currently finding cadmium at 2 – 3 ppm in organic brown rice. Cadmium has a half-life in the human body of around 20 – 30 years. It is considered extremely difficult to remove cadmium from your body, and cadmium toxicity routinely causes kidney failure.

Mercury – A neurotoxic heavy metal that “lobotomizes” brain tissue and destroys healthy nerve function. About 10% of the mercury you eat ends up lodged in brain tissue. This is believed to be what makes vaccines so toxic and deadly to children, causing autism. (Yes, mercury is still used throughout the vaccine industry, even in vaccines that are claimed to be “mercury free.”) Eliminating mercury from your body requires the presence of sulfur atoms. This means if you aren’t eating eggs, garlic, broccoli or other forms of sulfur, your body cannot eliminate mercury efficiently. The half-life of methylmercury in your body is about 70 – 80 days, but even that number is misleading as a lot of mercury never comes out and stays lodged in your liver and kidneys forever. Dental amalgams (i.e. “silver fillings”) are incredibly toxic and are made with over 50% mercury. The fact that they are still used in the industry is a crime against humanity and children in particular.

Arsenic – Not nearly as toxic as the three metals listed above, but arsenic can be deadly at very high concentrations. In a healthy human, arsenic is more easily transported out of the body than lead, cadmium or mercury. Inorganic arsenic is toxic, but organic arsenic is considered harmless. Arsenic is often excreted by the body through skin and urine. People who don’t exercise and don’t sweat may accumulate toxic levels of arsenic in their skin, causing severe health problems. The No. 1 source of exposure to arsenic is well water. Arsenic has a half-life in the human body of around 3-5 days.

Aluminum – Also considered a toxic element but nowhere near the toxicity of lead, cadmium and mercury. Aluminum is often present at 200 – 400 ppm in everyday foods. But “inorganic” aluminum, or elemental aluminum, is related to Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disorders. Aluminum is quickly absorbed by your bones (within one hour of digestion) and also by brain and liver tissue. Aluminum interferes with the absorption of other critical nutrients such as magnesium and calcium, promoting nutritional deficiencies. About 95% of the remaining aluminum is excreted in your urine within 5 days, but individuals who have compromised excretion capacity (which is increasingly a large percentage of the population) may accumulate aluminum and suffer aluminum toxicitywhich “causes morbidity and mortality through various mechanisms.” (…)

This is why it is critical to reduce your exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and even excess levels of aluminum.

Natural News metals specification is the most stringent in the industry

When you read this Certificate of Analysis for our Clean Chlorella, keep in mind that the “Specification” column is our own custom specification here at the Natural News Store. We created this specification especially for chlorella, to make sure our chlorella is the cleanest superfood on the planet. Our specification is:

• < 0.1 ppm Lead (Pb)
• < 0.2 ppm Cadmium (Cd)
• < 0.05 ppm Mercury (Hg)
• < 1.0 ppm Arsenic (As)

As you digest these numbers, keep in mind that we are routinely finding organic brown rice at 3 ppm of lead and even higher numbers of arsenic. We’re also finding edible seaweeds containing > 500 ppm Aluminum and > 200 ppm Arsenic.

California’s Proposition 65, widely regarded as the most stringent heavy metals law in the world, actually exempts all foods from its requirements. Nevertheless, it sets a daily limit of lead consumption at 0.5 micrograms (ppm). This limit is widely considered to be ridiculously low — so low that virtually the entire natural products industry is pushing to have it altered to a more reasonable level, as you can get 0.5 micrograms of lead from eating home-grown tomatoes or other vegetables grown in pristine soil. (Even “pristine” soil has some amount of lead in it.)