Ignorant Nurse Calls Parent “Loser” for Not Vaccinating Her Child


This is NOT an isolated case!

But, the bottom line is what happened to
this mother is the product of the current medical
system. Period.

She was called a “loser” by a very unprofessional

Why? For not vaccinating her children.


A nurse working for Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital left this note calling the mother a “loser” for choosing to not vaccinate her child.

A recent post on the Great Mothers (and others) Questioning Vaccines Facebook page is starting to gain a lot of attention.

According to the post, a mother who made a trip to the emergency room at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital was left a nasty note from a nurse calling her a “loser.”

The nurse apparently disagreed with the mother’s choice not to have her child injected with neurotoxic chemicals and dangerous biological agents.

The Facebook post from the brave mother read,

“At the ER my 9 month old is learning to pull up and when he fell to his butt he twisted his ankle. Anyways he was exposed to hand foot & mouth on Halloween and has a fever. Of course I told the ER we don’t vaccinate so when she came to give him meds for his fever she put this next to me…. Umm wtf is that supposed to mean?!?!” [1]

This note has outraged so many parents into leaving a response that the hospital issued this reply on their Facebook page [2]:


A snapshot of the Facebook page where Palmetto Health Children's Hospital apologizes for the behavior of one of their nurses. (Taken November 5th, 2013)

Should the child’s mother and other parents be outraged at this nurse’s behavior? Absolutely.

This courageous mother can be proud that she stood her ground in the face of such covert hostility. Name calling is an indication of the emotional maturity level of this nurse.

I also encourage you parents to continue to give constructive feedback, as parents, to Palmetto Health. I give them credit for taking ownership for their staff and hope the corrective action being taken isn’t just to this one nurse, but to all.


Because the “bad behavior” they mention DOES reflect their culture, standards, and what is acceptable (behind the scenes)! The nurse obviously felt safe enough to write this note in the presence of the parent and other medical staff.

But, I think there is an important point to make.

While insensitive and bad form, I don’t agree with some parents who are calling for this nurse to be fired. This nurse should have the opportunity to correct her mistake and behavior. I believe her actions are an expression of the system that taught her, and we should look at this more closely.

It’s important that we look deeper into this matter because this note was a passive-aggressive expression of her internal beliefs and emotions regarding vaccination.

This is a Product of the Medical System

The behavior is learned. It is a pattern.

What this nurse did is not an isolated incident, and I would say it is a common experience among parents.

If you decide not to vaccinate your child, you instantly know what I am talking about. Doctors (and nurses) have been reported as saying very cruel things to parents who question vaccines or do not vaccinate.

I think the following list is a pretty accurate depiction of how the medical profession generally views parents in regards to vaccination refusal.


  • You are a parasite to society.
  • You are being irresponsible.
  • You are a bad parent.
  • You are not a doctor.
  • Your child cannot go to school without vaccines.
  • Your child will die without “life-saving” vaccines.
  • You are free-loading off of society’s herd immunity.
  • You are getting the benefits of vaccination without paying the price.
  • You are an “Internet Mom.”
  • You don’t understand science.
  • You do not care about your child’s health or future.
  • Your ignorance is causing diseases to come back.

Of course, the American Academy of Pediatrics is not above recommending that doctors pull the fear card by firing parents from their practice for refusing vaccines. [3] Additionally, a recent study shows that 26 percent of parents resisted vaccine recommendations when doctors assumed their patient was getting vaccinated. When doctors encouraged parental involvement, 83 percent resisted. [4]

As you can see, the system demands total obedience to the doctor’s authority. Never mind the fact that most of these doctors would “officially” recognize an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Remember, this is an authority without responsibility—the doctors and nurses are not liable for anything that happens to your child.

This is the mindset the current medical system develops.


Become an informed parent and stand your ground against bullies in the medical profession. If you don’t know much about vaccines, the good news is that this situation can be easily fixed.

You should also know this well-documented fact: Lower education levels and socioeconomic standing are associated with higher completion rates for vaccination. [5] In other words, the more educated a mother is, the less likely her child will be vaccinated.

Here is how you can start to become an informed parent right now:

  1. Know your rights! Look at your state law regarding vaccine exemptions. [6]
  2. Understand what your doctor injects into your child.
  3. Look at the adverse reactions that can occur after vaccination to help you assess the situation. [7]
  4. Be aware of psychological triggers your doctor or nurse uses. [8]

Do you have a similar story? Please share it below!

9 thoughts on “Ignorant Nurse Calls Parent “Loser” for Not Vaccinating Her Child

  1. YES,I went to medical school,and anyone who thinks the new breed of DOCTORS and NURSES care about you ,TRULY IS AN IDIOT,they don’t,you are a CASH COW to them…period….check the hospital records,you’ll see over the years, medical screwups,have increased a 1000% OR MORE,its nothing new for “GOOD” hospitals to have every idiot and demon from hell, they can find on payrol,THEY’LL DO WHAT THEIR TOLD,and thats to POISON your child,they’ve been injecting cancer (SV-40) into children for 50 years and they laugh about it at their parties,anyone who believes they care about your children,TURN OFF THE TV,the medical shows on TV are to brainwash you into believing they care,THEY DON’T,..I had to walk away from these demons from HELL,I couldn’t stand listening to any more stories about what they did to someone,THESE “PEOPLE” and I use that term loosely,ALL WORK for LUCIFER,hes their DADDY,LOOK UP THE TERM “EVIL” you’ll find a picture of a local DOCTOR,POSING WITH HIS DADDY SATAN,……and while your at it,CHECK out FALLEN ANGELS,now you have an IDEA where their all at…………………

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  3. Ding,Ding..There are reasons for vaccinations…The recent upsurge of “old diseases cropping up around the US in particular…” is what children suffer due to idiot breeders like these so called parents…My educated and any one else who has (Common Sense) guess is, it is because of their (the parents) and their “so called enlightened dumb-assed-ness-for lack of a better moron adjective… with their “enlightened pea brains…” thinking that they know better then tried and true…is what is causing this new era of long since eradicated disease to show their ugly heads…Unfortunatly upon the poor little kids born unto their uneducated parents…No brainer…”Loosers…”

    • THE TRUE story here is “EDUCATED IDIOT”,try looking up THE BIO-WARFARE CENTER at ft.detrick maryland,every desease anyone ever heard of came from there,AND WERE TESTED ON THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD,so go back to your daddy in hell and tell him,OUR EYES ARE OPENING WIDE.you will not FOOL us any longer………………

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  5. Many Doctors are Narcissistic Tyrants (Like todays Politicians, Legal Experts, Police etc) exercising power over what they perceive to be the profane, ignorant, sheeple, infidels, inferiors etc….

    They can go to h3ll – and not soon eough!!!


  6. The hospital is saying they advocate vaccines, and provide “information & education” to parents. So basically they’re saying this parent is uninformed and uneducated. This thinking is also part of the problem.

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