How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil!



We found a fantastic video by Deen K that will teach you how to make your own coconut oil.

The coconut palm is sometimes considered to be the “Tree of Life”. Each part of the tree can be utilized in many various ways. The leaves can be used to build roofs on houses, make baskets and hats and many other useful things. The trunks are used in both construction and furniture making. The coconut palm’s sap can also be used to make coconut wine and vinegar while its roots are commonly used for medicinal purposes!

The fruit is of course the part that most consider valuable. One of the archetypal experiences of life that I think everyone should have is to drink the milk from a coconut fresh from the tree and opened by the skillful vendor, right there by the side of the road. Flesh from young coconut is so delicious to eat and the water is one of the most refreshing and hydrating drinks in the world. It is also considered that coconut water can help prevent urinary tract infection.

More mature coconuts are used to make coconut cream/milk. It’s used in various dishes and is a staple of Thai cuisine.

Coconut oil is considered to have many health benefits. According to certain studies, native diets that are high in coconut oil consumption are shown to be in generally good health. They are reported not to suffer as much modern disease as compared with places where coconut oil is not commonly consumed. What’s interesting about coconut oil is that in the ’90′s it was written off as unhealthy, but has made a great “comeback”. It is now considered that the marketing push behind margarine distorted the truth and that margarine is now considered to be the unhealthy one!

Here are some of the reported benefits of coconut oil:

1. Improves Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
2. Improves or Reverses Alzheimers Disease
3. Improves or Heals Many Skin Diseases such as fungal infections, acne and psoriasis (and leaves skin feeling very soft when used topically).
4. Conditions and Strengthens Hair
5. Fights Certain Bacteria and Viruses

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