Cancer does not need to be a death sentence

It is amazing how manipulated humans are in the western world.  We know through out own research, that if a Million people find wellness through holistic functional health strategies, up to 1 Billion people will be positively influenced by this change. The following testimonial sent by Dr Carlos Orozco support my believe that cancer does not need to be a death sentence.

‘Cancer is not a death sentence. It perhaps one of the greatest opportunities for people to change the way they have been living. Cancer can be viewed from many different angles. For example, for the pharmaceutical industry cancer is a business based on market share. For medical oncologist is an opportunity to make a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical world by entering patients into clinical trials and using a variety of chemotherapeutic agents based on the “latest research”. This research is sponsored and closely monitored by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. In this scenario, the companies write their conclusion first and then proceed to do the trial by designing Clinical Research Files (CRF’s) with a very narrow and thus highly selective patient inclusion and exclusion criteria. This methodology will aim to give a 5 year survival. For the cancer industry this length of time represents a cure for any patient that survives beyond 5 years. When the cancer returns it is labelled advanced cancer and in most cases is metastatic, meaning it is spread to other organs and tissues in the body. For the government is a way to generate employment to people by making them bureaucrats of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), an organization that gives authority to use pharmaceutical products by providing a license to market pharmaceutical and nutritional products. The cancer industry or cancer market is one of the two pillars that guarantee the greatest returns to share holders, the other one being the cardiovascular business. So cancer is a very lucrative business. What does this has to do with  finding and treating the cause of cancer? Absolutely nothing!   What does this has to do with the prevention of cancer? Absolutely nothing!  The answer to conquer and prevent cancer is in nutrition. Very few people are aware of this. Nutrition needs to be at provided at the soul, spirit, emotional and physical level. This means we need to nourish our souls, mind, spirit and body with quality daily nutrition’. Dr Carlos Orozco BSc, MSc, ND, PhD, Adv Dip Nutr

I received this as part of a testimonial from Dr Carlos Orozco 28th January, 2011. He continued on to say and I am most grateful for his words.

Kristine Matheson has made a very significant contribution to preventing and conquering cancer by spreading the word through her book about the importance of nutrition in keeping a healthy body and in most cases restoring harmony into people’s lives by means of daily nutrition. To do so, she shares her experience in her book entitled From Cancer to Wellness the forgotten secrets: A 28 day step by step handbook for beating cancer, all based in daily nutrition for the body. 

Cancer changed Kristine’s life for the best. She has become a well known author and a public speaker voicing out the importance that the role that the environment, stress, life style, lack of physical activity, repressed and suppressed emotions resulting in destructive thoughts and lack of physical nutrition play in the development of cancer.

In her book she tells us what we need to do to eat healthy and in the process become wise by making the right choices.    

Kristine has gone beyond writing and publishing her book. She is now living on a mission with a vision. She has teamed up with others to spread her wings and touch many lives by sharing her wisdom and understanding about the importance of restoring harmony through nutrition. The recognition through the nomination for this award does not only includes her but all the people whose lives have changed thanks to what she shares in her conversations, presentations and of course her book.

So why send this out now.  I am most passionate about the use of the right holistic protocols being used to cure cancer.

Please share this with everyone.  We all need to be proactive so we can reduce unnecessary deaths.

Yours in good health and happiness

Kristine S Matheson