How Diet soda makes you fat and unhealthy.”

“Diet soda is one of the biggest health scams preying on well-meaning dieters looking for a sweet calorie-free beverage.” Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Diet soda makes you fat and unhealthy.” Dr. Mark Hyman

The average American downs two cans of soda a day. In fact, soda is the biggest source of calories for Americans. But, you say that you drink diet soda with no calories or sugar, and claim it is the perfect alternative? Sorry to bust your bubble, diet soda is perfect only like the perfect storm! In fact, diet soda has gotten more research and media coverage in the past year than its refined sugar-laden cousin!

The most common artificial sweetener in soda and diet drinks is aspartame. Introduced in the 1970s as a “safe” alternative to sugar and saccharin, aspartame has been linked to numerous health problems. Recent studies have linked the chemical to neurological degeneration, seizures, chronic fatigue, cancer and death. Aspartame is also known to cause severe allergic reactions in people sensitive to it. Aspartame has also been linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity onset.

Although aspartame has been touted as a safe and even healthy alternative to drinks made from sugar, extensive research has shown it to be an unsafe additive for foods and beverages. However, the Food and Drug Administration continues to grant food makers approval to use the chemical as an artificial sweetener.
Here are just a few reasons why we at The Alternative Daily take a united stand against diet soda and say that it just “Bleapin” sucks.

Diet Soda Causes Kidney Damage

In an eleven year-long study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, researchers found that women who drank diet soda were twice as likely to have kidney problems as those who did not drink diet soda. Researchers feel that diet sweeteners are to blame for the kidney issues.

Diet Soda Causes Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

In animal studies, the rats that consumed artificial sweeteners ate more and experienced a slowdown in their metabolism. They gained 14 percent more body fat in two weeks even when they ate fewer calories than the control group.

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a group of symptoms that together increase the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Symptoms include elevated blood pressure, low good cholesterol, high fasting glucose, abdominal obesity and high triglycerides.

People who typically drink two or more diet sodas have a larger waist-size than those that don’t, which may seem odd since diet sodas are supposed to be the zero (or low) calorie alternative. Another reason why just watching calories is not always the best thing to do.

Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase appetite as well as contribute to toxic buildup within the body, causing our bodies to store additional fat. Artificial sweeteners trick the metabolism into thinking that sugar is coming, and this causes the body to create more insulin which results in increased abdominal fat. A study published by the American Diabetes Association indicated that as little as one soda a day significantly increased the risk of metabolic syndrome.

According to Purdue University researchers, “consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been increasingly associated with negative health outcomes such as being overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.”

Diet Soda Causes Increased Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

A 2011 study done at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that daily consumption of diet soda increased the risk of heart attack and stroke by over 60%.

Diet Soda Rots Teeth

A recent study from the Temple University School of Dentistry revealed that soda consumption rots the teeth due to its acidity. They also compared the decay to the effects of methamphetamine. The researchers found that diet soda can be just as damaging to teeth as a hard drug addiction.

The study’s leading professor noted that if you, “look at it side-to-side with ‘meth mouth’ or ‘coke mouth,’ it is startling to see that the intensity and extent of damage are more or less the same.”

It was determined that there was no difference in the effect on the teeth between sugar-free and regular soda, as it is the constant exposure to the citric and phosphoric acids in soda that causes dental erosion. Drugs erode the teeth as they tend to cause dry mouth, which raises acidity levels.

Diet Soda Causes Behavioral Problems

Phenylalanine is an amino acid naturally found in many proteins such as meat, milk and eggs. It is also present in bananas. However, this natural amino acid is found in an isolated, processed form in aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in NutraSweet, Equal and some diet sodas, as well as a number of other products. Fifty percent of aspartame is composed of phenylalanine.

Conditions such as ADD, ADHD, and behavioral and emotional disorders have been linked to high levels of phenylalanine in the body and brain.

Other Problems with Phenylalanine

For those individuals who have PKU, phenylalanine can be deadly. It has been found to cause seizures, brain damage and even death in the one in ten thousand people who carry the PKU gene.

Many people are unaware that they carry this gene if they have never had a blood test for it. Foods, supplements and medications that contain aspartame are required to carry a label stating, “Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine,” to protect these individuals, however, those who do not know they carry the gene may unknowingly put themselves in serious danger by consuming products containing aspartame.

Diet Soda Causes Cell Damage

Diet sodas contain preservatives that are not found in regular sugar-laden sodas. They go by the names sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate. “These chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the point that they totally inactivate it–they knock it out altogether,” says Peter Piper, a professor of molecular biology and biotechnology at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. Both sodium and potassium benzoate are classified by the Food Commission in the United Kingdom as mild irritants to the skin, mucous membranes and eyes.

What About Sucralose?

Sucralose, sold under the name Splenda, has been implicated in a number of serious health reactions including gastrointestinal problems, allergic reactions, blurred vision, seizures, weight gain and an increase in blood sugar. Very few trials were ever done on this synthetic sugar and those that were done looked at tooth decay, not human tolerance.

Splenda, recommended to diabetics since its FDA approval in 2006, is highly popular. In fact, Splenda sponsors both the American as well as British Diabetes Associations. The “yellow packet,” as it is endearingly referred to, was promised to be a safe and effective replacement for sugar for those with insulin resistance issues.

Survival Sprout Bank Kit. 55 lbs of seeds and all the sprouting equipment, the Survival Sprout Bank is quite a kit and the “missing piece” from your food storage plan.

However, according to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, this extremely popular, yet dangerous, sweetener confuses the body and changes the way it handles sugar. This is devastating news to all those who have put their trust in not only the FDA but also in the manufacturers of Splenda.

Are You Addicted?

According to Dr. Mercola, it is possible to become addicted to diet soda. This, he feels, is due to the inability of the brain to tell the difference between real and artificial sugar. Are you still drinking diet soda? If so, are you addicted?

What to Do?

STOP drinking diet soda and all artificially sweetened drinks today. The best option to avoid the sweet trap is to not start in the first place. The problem is, sweeteners are a staple in the American diet. Given a choice, drink plain water instead of soda. You can add a slice of lemon, lime or orange to brighten up the flavor. Other healthier alternatives to soda include seltzer water and fresh juice (and we are talking fresh squeezed here, not the store bought varieties). We suggest pure filtered water or one of our tasty soda alternatives.

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Are miniature human brains grown in labs and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence a good thing?is it right to grow brains?or an organoid

The human brain (© Getty Images)

Getty Images

We’ve long been fascinated by the human brain but could we soon be growing them to order?

Austrian scientists have grown a miniature human brain from stem cells, according to a report in the prestigious journal Nature.

The scientists are referring to the creation as an “organoid” and Nature describes it as a 4mm pea-sized structure with about the same level of development as a nine-week foetus.

The mini-brain has survived for nearly a year at the Austrian Academy of Science. But without a blood supply nutrients and oxygen couldn’t penetrate into the middle of the brain-like structure, so it hasn’t grown any larger than its current pea size. It is hoped that the research will open up new avenues to study complex brain disorders, like autism and schizophrenia, but it raises some ethical alarm bells.

The pea-sized ‘organoid’ (© IMBA)


The pea-sized ‘organoid’ is a brain with the same development as a nine-week foetus

A bright idea?

The Austrian scientists describe it as a “human pluripotent stem cell-derived three-dimensional organoid culture system” that is “shown to recapitulate features of human cortical development”. BBC Science’s James Gallagherexplains: “They used either embryonic stem cells or adult skin cells to produce the part of an embryo that develops into the brain.” The organoid is then “placed into a spinning bioreactor, a nutrient bath that supplies nutrients and oxygen”.

Growing brains in a lab might sound like the stuff of cheap horror movies, but it is a remarkable scientific breakthrough. “I think it’s just mind boggling,” said Professor Paul Matthews, from Imperial College London. “The idea that we can take a cell from a skin and turn it into, even though it’s only the size of a pea, [something that] is starting to look like a brain and starting to show some of the behaviours of a tiny brain, I think is just extraordinary.”

The brain is housed within a spinning bioreactor system (© IMBA)


The brain is housed within a spinning bioreactor system that acts as a nutrient bath

The human brain is one of the most complicated structures known to man. Being able to grow a working brain opens up tremendous research possibilities. Dr Jurgen Knoblich, one of the organoids researchers said: “What our organoids are good for is to model development of the brain and to study anything that causes a defect in development. Ultimately we would like to move towards more common disorders like schizophrenia or autism.”

Building intelligence: is it ethically right?

Not wishing to be outdone by the biologists, the tech community is also working hard – at recreating the human brain from silicon. The DARPA-funded IBM project SyNAPSE attempts to build a computer that functions in a similar manner to a mammalian brain, with an intelligence that could match that of mice or cats. IBM’s so-called Brain Wall displays 262,144 neurons simultaneously on an array of monitors: each neuron is a single pixel so researchers can observe what the machine is ‘thinking’.

IBM’s Brain Wall (© IBM Research)

IBM Research

IBM’s Brain Wall recreates over 262,144 neural paths and is capable of rewiring itself over time

DARPA (the US defence research agency) is interested in looking at mimicking a portion of the brain known as the neocortex, which is utilised in higher brain functions such as sensory perception, motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought and language, and is appealing for help from the scientific community.

Michael Cooney of Networkworld says: “The military’s advanced research group recently [August 2013] put out a call, or request for information, on how it could develop systems that go beyond machine learning, Bayesian techniques, and graphical technology to solve ‘extraordinarily difficult recognition problems in real-time’.”

Brain power

IBM recently announced that the DARPA-funded project had led to prototype chips that mimicked brain-like actions. Dharmendra Modha, project leader for IBM Research, says that we “have the seeds of a new architecture that can allow us to mine the boundary between the physical and the digital world in an ever more efficient way.”

And it’s not just the scientific and military industries that are making strides in creating artificial intelligence. Andrew Ng, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, recently built a $1m computerised brain for Google that worked as a cat detector. His neural network contained 16,000 computer cores to create a network with over one billion connections. It was tasked with learning to recognise higher-level concepts, such as cats, in YouTube videos without ever having been told what a ‘cat’ is.

A scan reveals how similar the Organoid is to a mouse brain (© IMBA)


A scan reveals how similar the organoid (on the right) is to a mouse brain (left)

The thought process

Ng published a paper that showed other people how to build the same type of system for around $20,000 using cheap but powerful graphics card systems (computer scientists long ago realised that graphics cards were also really good for doing certain mathematical calculations).

All of this raises serious ethical questions about the point where these creations can be considered valid sentient beings. Dr Zameel Cader, a consultant neurologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, told the BBC that he did not see ethical issues arising from the creation of the organoid. “It’s a long way from conscience or awareness or responding to the outside world. There’s always the spectre of what the future might hold, but this is primitive territory.”

Up close the organoid culture system has complex human tissue that can be used to study disorders like schizophrenia or autism (© IMBA)


Up close the organoid culture system has complex human tissue that can be used to study disorders like schizophrenia or autism

It’s all in the mind

Roman Yampolskiy, director of the Cyber Security Laboratory at the University of Louisville, says: “I argue that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research should be considered unethical…a truly AGI system may possess a type of consciousness comparable to the human type making robot suffering a real possibility and any experiments with AGI unethical for that reason as well.

“The last decade has seen a boom of new subfields of computer science concerned with development of ethics in machines. Machine ethics, computer ethics, robot ethics, machine morals, cyborg ethics, computational ethics, roboethics, robot rights and artificial morals are just some of the proposals meant to address society’s concerns with safety of ever more advanced machines. Unfortunately the perceived abundance of research in intelligent machine safety is misleading. The great majority of published papers are purely philosophical in nature.”

A bioreactor system (© IMBA)


The bioreactor system supplies nutrients and oxygen to the brain that keep it alive but prevent it from growing

But recent advances show how quickly we’re moving from a philosophical debate about artificially created intelligence and the real thing. Is an organically grown brain fundamentally of more concern than a digitally built one? Or is that just because we relate more to one made of squishy grey matter? At what point does a lab-grown brain or computer start having independent thoughts?

And what about the ‘off’ switch? At what point does it become immoral to switch off the spinning bioreactor that supplies nutrients and oxygen to a lab-grown brain; at what point does it become unethical to choose File > Format on a computer hard drive?

We’re not there yet, but in recent months we took a big step towards that point.

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By Byron J. Richards, CCN

The radiofrequency electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones are potentially problematic to human health, especially when held in close proximity to the head for extended periods of time. A new study has documented significant free radical damage in the saliva of regular cell phone users, along with impaired function of the salivary glands.

The research used 20 individuals with 8 – 15 years of cell phone use averaging 30 hours per month, compared to a control group. Since cell phones are held in close proximity to the salivary gland when a person is speaking into them, the researchers analyzed saliva to determine potential problems. Unfortunately, they found rather dramatic adverse changes. The flow of saliva was significantly reduced as well as the amount of salivary amylase enzymes (needed for carbohydrate digestion). Multiple markers of free radical damage were detected.

“This suggests that there is considerable oxidative stress on the tissue and glands which are close to the cell phone when in use,” says Dr. Yaniv Hamzany of Tel Aviv University. The researchers were especially concerned that such damage sets the stage for cancer.

While cancer may be the long-term risk, the short-term risk involves dental and digestive health. Saliva contains germ-killing properties. A reduction in salivary flow along with damage to saliva would impair the immune system in the mouth and even throughout the digestive tract.

It is worth noting that iodine is highly taken up by the salivary glands, where it acts as a fundamental antioxidant as well as forming iodine compounds that kill germs. Using 1-3 drops of iodine in water and using it as a mouth rinse can help promote salivary gland health, better dental hygiene, and better digestion.

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Blue Eyes Originated 10,000 Years Ago in the Black Sea Region

A team of researchers from Copenhagen Universityhave located a single mutation that causes the mysterious phenomenon of blue eyes. And all blue eyed people are genetically related to a person who lived in the Black Sea region sometime between 6 – 10,000 years ago.

The research was published in the Journal of Human Genetics. A mutation in a gene called OCA2 came into being nearly 8,000 years ago. It can be definitively traced back to an ancestor from the Black Sea.

Dr. Hans Eiberg claims that before this time, every human being had brown eyes. “A genetic mutation affecting the OCA2 gene in our chromosomes resulted in the creation of a ‘switch,’ which literally ‘turned off’ the ability to produce brown eyes,” Eiberg said.

When blue-eyed peoples from Jordan, Denmark and Turkey were examined, their genetic difference was traced back to the maternal lineageaccording to Eiberg’s team.

The brown melanin pigment is still dominant. However, following the last Ice Age, Europeans developed this rare mutation that differentiated them from the rest of the human race.

Ninety-five percent of Europeans in Scandinavian countries have blue eyes. They are also found to have a greater range of hair and skin color.

Comparatively, Europe has a wider variety of hair color and skin pigment than is found in any other continent in the world. These mutations are recent as Europe was colonized only a few thousand years ago, say mainstream scientists.

Through interbreeding, the brunette with blue eyes was evidenced about 25,000 years ago. Researchers attribute this to ancient interbreeding with Neanderthals.

Although no Neanderthal DNA has been found in modern Homo Sapien-Sapien, mainstream science clings to this theory as fact because they haven’t come up with anything better.

“The question really is, ‘Why did we go from having nobody on Earth with blue eyes 10,000 years ago to having 20 or 40 percent of Europeans having blue eyes now?” John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin-Madison said. “This gene does something good for people. It makes them have more kids.”


Occupy Corporatism



By Dr. Mercola

The chemical industry is only 100 years old, but in this short time they’ve created substances that may now be threatening human survival.

A handful of these chemicals are detailed in the film The Disappearing Male, which gives an educational glimpse into exactly why environmental chemicals, and particularly the gender-bending kind, are so detrimental.

It’s becoming quite clear that chemicals in the environment are prompting significant changes to animals, especially males, and that extends to human‘animals’ as well.

Infertility Rates are Rising as Sperm Counts Drop

One couple in the film described the waiting room at their infertility clinic as similar to an emergency room – packed with lines extending down the hall. Infertility is more common than many think these days. An estimated 1 in 6 American couples struggle with getting pregnant each year1 and there’s compelling evidence that hormone-disrupting environmental chemicals are partly to blame.

The problem with low sperm counts has become so severe that the World Health Organization has had to continually drop what’s considered a ‘normal’ sperm count to lower and lower levels over the last several decades, lest too many men be classified as infertile.

Chemicals that may disrupt sperm count and quality are pervasive in today’s modern world. They lurk in personal care products, food containers, medical tubing, toys and more. Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates are two of the most well known culprits.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is a common ingredient in many plastics, including those in water bottles and children’s toys, as well as the lining of most canned goods. It was recently discovered that even many cash register receipts contain this chemical. BPA is so pervasive it has been detected in the umbilical cord blood of 90 percent of newborn infants tested!

Recent studies have confirmed suspicions that BPA is affecting male fertility, primarily by reducing semen quality. One such study, which provides the first epidemiological evidence of an adverse effect on semen quality, was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.2 The researchers found that higher urine levels of BPA were significantly associated with:

  1. Decreased sperm concentration
  2. Decreased total sperm count
  3. Decreased sperm vitality
  4. Decreased sperm motility

Compared with those who did not have detectable levels, the men withdetectable levels of BPA had more than:

  • Three times the risk of lowered sperm concentration and lower sperm vitality
  • Four times the risk of lower sperm count
  • Twice the risk of lower sperm motility

In women, BPA can also reduce chances of successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) by interfering with oocyte (immature egg cell) quality. Two recent studies attest to this. One found an inverse association between BPA concentration and normal fertilization,3 and the other found that “BPA was detected in the urine of the majority of women undergoing IVF, and was inversely associated with number of oocytes retrieved and peak estradiol levels.”4


Phthalates are another group of chemicals that wreak havoc with reproductive health. Exposure to phthalates can lead to incomplete testicular descent in fetuses, reduced sperm counts, testicular atrophy or structural abnormality and inflammation in newborns.

Phthalates are commonly found in vinyl flooring, detergents, automotive plastics, soap, shampoo, deodorants, fragrances, hair spray, nail polish, plastic bags, food packaging, garden hoses, inflatable toys, blood-storage bags, intravenous medical tubing, and more.

A 200% Increase in Male Genital Birth Defects

Gender-bending chemicals are the likely culprit behind a 200% increase in male genital birth defects in recent years, the film cited, highlighting one woman who believes her son’s undescended testes falls into this category.

Congress passed the Food Quality Protection Act in 1996, which required the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to initiate the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP) to screen pesticides and other environmental chemicals for their potential to affect the endocrine systems of both animals and humans. According to the EPA:5

In the 1990s, some scientists proposed that certain chemicals might be disrupting the endocrine systems of humans and wildlife. A variety of chemicals have been found to disrupt the endocrine systems of animals in laboratory studies, and compelling evidence shows that endocrine systems of certain fish and wildlife have been affected by chemical contaminants, resulting in developmental and reproductive problems.”

However, despite the fact that nearly two decades have passed since the beginning of the program, the market is literally flooded with chemicals that have the potential to wreak havoc on reproductive health, especially when exposure occurs in utero or during childhood (as is often the case).

The strongest evidence showing that exposure to environmental chemicals can lead to disruption of endocrine function comes from the bizarre changes seen in a number of wildlife species, such as male fish transforming into females; frogs developing a variety of defects like multiple testes or ovaries; and hermaphrodite bears, just to name a few.

The effects are being seen in humans as well. The endocrine-disrupting chemicals phthalates, for instance are linked to testicular atrophy or structural abnormality. In experiments on rats, phthalates have demonstrably blocked the action of fetal androgens, which affects gender development in male offspring, leading to undescended testes at birth and testicular tumors later in life.

Studies have also found that boys whose mothers had high phthalate exposures while pregnant were much more likely to have certain demasculinized traits and produce less testosterone.

The more a pregnant woman is exposed to high levels of phthalates, the greater the risk her son will have smaller genitals and incomplete testicular descent, leading to impaired reproductive development. The chemical also appears to make the overall genital tracts of boys slightly more feminine. It is believed that phthalates have these adverse effects because they reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone.

Even the Most Vulnerable Are Being Inundated with Gender-Bending Chemicals

Studies have shown that premature babies are exposed to extremely high concentrations of phthalates, which are widely used to make plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in medical tubing and other medical equipment. With each plastic tube that a newborn is hooked up to, the rate of phthalate exposure increases. And for those premature infants who spend weeks and months in the neonatal intensive care unit, the exposure levels can be extraordinary.

A report released by the nonprofit organization Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI) found that male infants exposed to phthalates through medical procedures are most at risk of suffering health effects.6 The phthalate di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, or DEHP, in particular, is raising concern because of research linking it to:

Disturbed lactation “Decreased dysgenesis syndrome”: A syndrome involving cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), hypospadias (birth defect in which opening of urethra is on the underside of the penis instead of at the end), oligospermia (low sperm count), and testicular cancer
Interference with sexual differentiation in utero Enlarged prostate glands
Impaired ovulatory cycles and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Numerous hormonal disruptions
Early or delayed puberty Breast cancer and uterine fibroids


A typical American comes in regular contact with some 6,000 chemicals and an untold number of potentially toxic substances on a less frequent basis. There are approximately 75,000 chemicals regularly manufactured and imported by US industries, so you could be exposed to any number of them. Disturbingly, most of them have never been adequately tested for safety for adults, let alone their impacts on the most vulnerable among us, our children.

The chemical industry has, in fact, resisted testing chemicals on developing bodies, as might occur when a fetus is exposed in utero, likely because they’d have trouble explaining away all the ill effects that are likely to be revealed. Furthermore, there is absolutely no toxicology research that takes into account the effects of multiple, simultaneous chemical exposures and their resultant synergistic toxicity, which is what actually happens to exposed populations in the real world.

The Chemical Industry Is One of the Most Powerful Lobbyists

Like the biotech, pharmaceutical and processed food industries, the chemical industry wields incredible power over Congress, and uses it to have bills passed in their favor – and regulatory violations overlooked. Perhaps that is why, despite the proven risks, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a petition to ban BPA from food packaging. The FDA and most other US regulatory agencies are backed by pro-industry, pro-corporation advocates who often have massive conflicts of interest when it comes to protecting the health of the public.

In fact, the revolving door between private industry and government oversight agencies like the FDA is so well established these days, it has become business as usual to read about scandal, conflicts of interest and blatant pro-industry bias, even when it flies in the face of science or the law. The fact is, if you want to stay safe, you can’t depend on the FDA, the EPA or any other government agency; you’ve got to look out for yourself.

Protecting Yourself in a Chemically Driven World

No one knows what health consequences to this toxic chemical cocktail will cause to an adult, let alone a developing baby. Unfortunately, it is our future generations, and possibly the species as a whole, who will likely pay the heftiest price for this lack of safety concern, as an embryo and fetus develop at a much faster rate than adults.

While this development occurs, cell division and growth is rapid — and these rapid changes provide many opportunities for mistakes to occur. It’s clear that boys appear to be at particular risk but, really, no one is safe. I encourage everyone with children or grandchildren to review Theo Colburn’s Our Stolen Future, which is one of the BEST resources on this topic. Further, while you make the switch to remove and reduce chemicals around your home, remember that one of the ways to significantly reduce your toxic load is to pay careful attention to what you eat.

Organically-grown, biodynamic whole foods are really the key to success here, and, as an added bonus, when you eat right, you’re also optimizing your body’s natural detoxification system, which can help eliminate toxins your body encounters from other sources. Rather than compile an endless list of what you should avoid, it’s far easier to focus on what you should do to lead a healthy lifestyle with as minimal a chemical exposure as possible:

  1. As much as possible, buy and eat organic produce and organic free-range foods to reduce your exposure to pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Rather than eating conventional or farm-raised fish, which are often heavily contaminated with PCBs and mercury, supplement with a high-quality purified krill oil, or eat fish that is wild-caught and lab tested for purity.
  3. Eat mostly raw, fresh foods, steering clear of processed, prepackaged foods of all kinds. This way you automatically avoid artificial food additives, including dangerous artificial sweeteners, food coloring and MSG.
  4. Store your food and beverages in glass rather than plastic, and avoid using plastic wrap and canned foods (which are often lined with BPA-containing liners).
  5. Have your tap water tested and, if contaminants are found, install an appropriate water filter on all your faucets (even those in your shower or bath).
  6. Only use natural cleaning products in your home.
  7. Switch over to natural brands of toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, antiperspirants and cosmetics. The Environmental Working Group has a great database7 to help you find personal care products that are free of phthalates and other potentially dangerous chemicals. I also offer one of the highest quality organic skin care lines, shampoo and conditioner, and body butter that are completely natural and safe.
  8. Avoid using artificial air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners or other synthetic fragrances.
  9. Replace your non-stick pots and pans with ceramic or glass cookware.
  10. When redoing your home, look for “green,” toxin-free alternatives in lieu of regular paint and vinyl floor coverings.
  11. Replace your vinyl shower curtain with one made of fabric, or install a glass shower door. Most all flexible plastics, like shower curtains, contain dangerous plasticizers like phthalates.
  12. Limit your use of drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) as much as possible. Drugs are chemicals too, and they will leave residues and accumulate in your body over time.
  13. Avoid spraying pesticides around your home or insect repellants that contain DEET on your body. There are safe, effective and natural alternatives out there.

Sources and References

Report: Study warns Fukushima contamination “is becoming more concentrated as it crosses Pacific Ocean, rather than dispersing” — “It’s making a beeline for U.S. West Coast” — “Scientists causing panic in public”

University of Hawaii scientists are seeking to lessen anxieties about the potential health risks from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in the wake of recent international reports warning that dangerous levels of radiation could hit the west coast of the United States next year.

The distribution of the impact strength of Cesium-137 at year 1.5 (a), year 3.5 (b) and year 4 (c). (SOURCE: Han G J, et al. Sci China Earth Sci August (2013) Vol.56 No.8)

Earlier this month, a study published in Science Chinawarned that radiation leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is becoming more concentrated as it crosses the Pacific Ocean, rather than dispersing, and that it is making a beeline for the west coast of the United States. The study, coupled with recent disclosures by Tokyo Electric Power Company, or Tepco, that radiation-contaminated water continues to leak into the ocean, has rekindled public concerns about health dangers.

But local scientists at the International Pacific Research Center who have been tracking the nuclear disaster caused by Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011 say that the findings published in the Chinese scientific journal are simply wrong and that the health risks to residents on the West Coast and Hawaii are somewhere between minuscule and non-existent.

“This is a bad disaster,” said Henrieta Dulaiova, an assistant professor in UH’s Department of Geology and Geophysics. “But I don’t like scientists causing panic in the public.”


See also: Study shows Fukushima nuclear pollution becoming more concentrated as it approaches U.S. West Coast — Plume crosses ocean in a nearly straight line toward N. America — Appears to stay together with little dispersion (MODEL)

European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants & Seeds Not Registered With Government


The European Commission is changing the European Union’s plant legislation, apparently to enhance food safety across the continent. This move has sparked a heavy  opposition from many, saying that the measure will threaten seed diversity and favour large agrochemical businesses. This new law creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe. You can view the entire proposal in the list of sources at the bottom of this article.

The “Plant Reproductive Material Law” regulates all plants. It contains restrictions on vegetables and woodland trees, as well as all other plants of any species. It will be illegal to grow, reproduce, or trade any vegetable seed or tree that has not been been tested and approved by the government, more specifically the “EU Plant Variety Agency.” This agency will be responsible for making a list of approved plants and an annual fee must also be forwarded to the agency if growers would like to keep what they grow on the list. The new law basically puts the government in charge of all plants and seeds in Europe, and prevents home gardeners from growing their own plants from non-regulated seeds. If they did, they would now be considered criminals.

The draft text of the law has already been changed several times due to a large backlash from gardeners.

This law will immediately stop the professional development of vegetable varieties for home gardeners, organic growers and small scale market farmers. Home gardeners have really different needs – for example they grow by hand, not machine, and can’t or don’t want to use such powerful chemical sprays. There’s no way to register the varieties suitable for home use as they don’t meet the strict criteria of the PLant Variety Agency, which is only concerned about approving the sort of seed used by industrial farmers – Ben Gabel, Director of The Real Seed Catalogue

It seems the government is taking over everything, virtually all plants, vegetables seeds and gardeners are to be registered by the government. What’s even more disturbing is that all heirloom seeds will be criminalized. This means that saving seeds from from one generation to the next will become a criminal act!

This law was written for the needs of the globalized farm seed industry, who supply seed by the ton to industrial farmers. It should not apply at all to seed used by home gardeners and small market growers. Freely reproducible seeds should be a human right, they are part of our heritage.

I understand this is to protect the business of big agri-companies, but registration and testing should be voluntary for all non GMO, non-patented and non hybrid seed.

So what can you do?

Please sign the petition!


Chinese adults hire wet nurses to provide human breast milk on demand as ‘Mother Nature’s smoothie

(NaturalNews) The South China Morning Post is now reporting that adults in China are paying good money to breastfeed on wet nurses who are well paid for providing their milk. The wet nurses are paid around US$2,700 per month, and clients are offered the ability to consume the beverage directly. As in mammary consumption.

(Pause to let this sink in for a minute…)

A lot of people think this is ultra-creepy. And that was my first reaction, too. After all, the image of a 35-year-old adult man or woman feeding on the breasts of another woman somehow doesn’t seem normal. Then again, in a culture where pop music celebrities parade around in slutty porn gear, nearly having sex on stage at music awards ceremonies as audiences applaud, I’m not sure anybody remembers what “normal” looks like anymore. Somehow, a 35-year-old business man feeding on the breasts of a well-paid wet nurse seems a lot less bizarre than the stage antics of Miley Cyrus, pop culture’s newest deviant whose disturbing public perversions have set a new low for vulgarity.

It turns out, though, that there’s more to this breastfeeding story than the mere shock factor. Some of these people who hire the wet nurses are chronically diseased and can’t find sufficient nourishment in all the processed, contaminated foods that now characterize China. The Chinese people are starving for real nutrition and living in a country of unequalled chemical contamination. When real food is hard to come by, it just so happens that human breast milk is Mother Nature’s smoothie. No one can deny that breast milk contains a miraculous assortment of immune-boosting, health-enhancing substances, many of which modern science can’t even begin to understand but which every mom innately knows sustains and nourishes life.

When considered from this perspective — in light of a malnourishment victim seeking the world’s best source for human nutrition — it suddenly seems acceptable… possibly even therapeutic.

It all depends on the intention of the person hiring the wet nurse, of course. If it’s done for entertainment and novelty purposes, it’s weird. If it’s done as a desperate measure for lifesaving nutrition, it’s commendable.

Most people, however, can’t get past the shocking imagery of it. Dr. Tim Stanley of The Telegraph, for example, seems appalled at the idea that adult humans might drink human breast milk. “It’s revolting,” he says. “It’s every bit as wrong as prostitution.”

Yet I’m willing to bet Dr. Stanley drinks bovine breast milk (i.e. “milk”), a beverage that’s far more bizarre because it’s cross-species and nutritionally inferior to human breast milk. If you’re going to drink Mother Nature’s infant formula, it makes far more scientific sense to drink it from your own species and not get it from some hooved, furry creature that weighs four times as much as a human.

The only reason the consumption of human breast milk seems so bizarre to people like Dr. Stanley is because we’ve all gotten used to the far more revolting idea of sucking at the teat of an 800-pound cow. Of course, the dairy industry takes that milk and homogenizes it and pasteurizes it, turning the healthy beverage of raw cow’s milk into a monstrosity of autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, acne and constipation. Pasteurization, it turns out, destroys the fragile lactase enzymes that allow humans to digest lactose. This is why so many people are wildly allergic to pasteurized cow’s milk.

This is part of what I attempted to capture in this CounterThink cartoon I created back in 2006:

Capitalism gone wild? Or commonsense solution for a sick society?

“If China’s oligarchs treat their people like cattle, that’s exactly where capitalism without morality ends,” Dr. Stanley argues.

And I say whoa, hold on there, ‘pardner! Have you taken a look recently at GlaxoSmithKline and the criminality of the pharmaceutical empires that treat everybody on the planet like cattle? Or how about Merck and their HPV vaccines that sacrifice the lives of teenage girls for corporate profits?

Let’s get real about this: The USA is the home of “capitalism without morality!” How else do you get a fast food industry that serves toxic, chemically-altered, nutritionally-depleted foods that cause widespread chronic disease? How else do you get a soda industry whose products cause diabetes and whose refined sweeteners laced with mercury?

If there’s an encyclopedia entry for “capitalism without morality,” it should feature the pictures of all the Goldman Sachs insiders who always seem to end up running the Fed, or the Treasury, or other investment firms. Wall Street is the epitome of capitalism without morality.

By comparison, a woman who accepts honest money to deliver an honest product — human breast milk — is sitting atop a mountain of morality compared to a typical Wall Street bankster who loses other people’s money for profit. What on Earth is immoral about selling Mother Nature’s nutrition to people who need it? Isn’t that actually a pure form of honest capitalism?

Breast milk can be toxic if the mom is exposed to heavy metals

You have to give Dr. Stanley some leeway on this issue, however. He’s an historian, not a nutritionist. He may not have considered this topic from the angle I’ve covered here, and I hope he reconsiders his view after seeing this article.

I agree with his view, however, if this breastfeeding is purchased as some weird, twisted form of entertainment. But my understanding is that these arrangements are being pursued by people who are simply seeking nutrition, not entertainment. They sure aren’t going to get that nutrition from Ensure or other canned dead protein vitamin drinks (made mostly from altered milk proteins, sugar and synthetic vitamins). Getting real nutrition directly from the source makes a lot more sense.

Of course, human breast milk is often heavily contaminated with heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, BPA and a cocktail of other toxic substances due to the environmental exposure of the woman. So if the woman eats a poor diet herself, her breast milk is going to be more of a toxic brew than a nourishing smoothie.

Ideally, a truly capitalist system would recognize a higher value in women who follow cleaner diets and who allow their breast milk to be subjected to heavy metals tests. Those with the cleanest milk would command the highest premiums in a free market exchange with full transparency of the “product” quality. It’s much like paying a premium for certified organic strawberries versus conventional, pesticide-ridden strawberries.

In fact, I believe there should be a free market for human breast milk as long as it’s regulated for basic safety and honesty. But in the United States where nutrition is practically considered criminal, the FDA has outlawed the selling of human breast milk, even to those who really, really need it. That’s the real crime in all this — the denial of access to human nutrition… even for babies who are fed government-subsidized junk infant formula made with corn syrup and soy protein (both of which are GMO).

This is also the core reason behind the FDA’s armed raids on raw milk producers in California and elsewhere. Raw milk farmers have been subjected to armed raids, prison torture, outrageous prosecutions by insane district attorneys, and much more. It seems that people who provide unadulterated, nutritious food to customers are increasingly seen as criminals by the police state government. It is no coincidence that nearly all the government’s health policies promote ongoing chronic disease, pharmaceutical dependence and a lifetime of servitude to a system of “sick care” that doesn’t want people to have access to real nutrition.

I encourage more discussion on this issue

Ultimately, everyone who calls themselves “pro choice” must, by definition, support a woman’s right to voluntarily choose to sell her own breast milk in a free market exchange. It’s her choice, after all, right? And isn’t her milk her property to do with as she pleases?

Coincidentally, that’s also the libertarian angle in all this: since when did the state have any right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body fluids? Is not every man or woman free to sell his or her own regenerative body fluids, or hair, or even their own blood to someone else who values it? Don’t blood banks offer money for people who choose to sell their blood for payment? Don’t some women sell their hair to wig companies who make “real hair” wigs for chemotherapy victims?

After all, some women sell their voices as music stars. Other sell their bodies as models. Some sell their brains in exchange for a corporate salary. Why can’t moms who are particularly gifted with breast milk sell that milk to someone who needs it and values it? This sacred right to own and control your own body is fundamental to a free society. If you don’t believe you own your own body (and all its fluids), then you by definition believe in statist slavery.

Dr. Stanley probably agrees with the principle of what I’m explaining here, by the way. And I don’t have any beef with Dr. Tim Stanley. He’s actually a really bright and entertaining writer, and this topic of business men breastfeeding on wet nurses probably caught him off guard. I actually like Dr. Stanley’s writing style, and I laugh out loud at some of his hilarious headlines such as, “North Korea is running out of virgins for Kim Jong-un’s dance troupe. It’s every dictator’s nightmare.” As far as I’m concerned, we need more journalists with the flair of Dr. Stanley, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.

I just hope he’ll rethink his position on human breast milk, even for sick adults who are desperately seeking nutritional support. It’s not as weird as it first seems once you consider the science…

For the record, if any of this milk is being taken by adults at the expense of infants and babies, I would be completely against it. In my view, infants and babies should get this nutrition first. Only if there’s excess should adults be next in line.

Sources for this article include:…

Learn more:

Five ways social conformity destroys your health


imagesThe fire of social conformity can burn in two ways:

1. You make a conscious decision to cooperate with a group because you have learned through experience that the values of that group are similar to your own.

2. You conform to a group’s expectations – not because you thought it through and made a conscious choice – but because you fear rejection or social consequences.

In the first scenario, the group is a blessing that comes with valuable social support and enjoyment, much like a friendly campfire.

Like a raging forest fire, the second scenario leads to a life of anxiety, desperation, stress and an early death.

The physical and emotional consequences of conforming to group expectations due to fear of disapproval are many.

Here are just five:

1. Social conformity suppresses the immune system by causing stress

When you conform to group pressure against, or unsure of, your own values and beliefs, you automatically create an internal environment of uncertainty and anxiety.

Going along with the crowd without inner conviction is sure a way to create self-doubt. As time goes by, the self-doubt eats at you in the form of chronic, low grade anxiety that the body experiences as physical tension.

We all know the effects of chronic tension and stress. Some people live out their lives this way. It’s called the life of quiet desperation.

2. Conformity prevents healthy decisions

Do you have a healthy goal that those in your circles do not support? This is a huge obstacle in your way if you allow it.

You have a goal to get in shape, but your spouse prefers the couch potato life.
You want to stop smoking, but your friends and family smoke.
You want to start a business, but your family discourages you.
You want to speak out about your convictions, but fear ridicule and humiliation.

We often stop ourselves from committing to healthy decisions because others do not support those decisions, or we fear that they will not.

3. Social conformity leads to depression

Going along with others when you do not agree with their views leads you into the trap of depression. They are your support in life. They are supposed to be friends, yet they have no idea who you are or what you are all about.

You fear that if you take bold, individual action, you will be cast out, so you reluctantly conform and feel trapped. This adds up to a depressed state of mind in which you feel isolated and alone.

4. Social conformity causes emotional deprivation

Feeling alone and trapped is an empty place. Your emotional needs are not being met, therefore you cannot be satisfied with your life. People cannot validate who you are because they have no idea who you are.

You cannot validate yourself because you do not act on your convictions. You are left to criticize yourself for not being courageous enough to be an individual. You might also fall into the trap of internally finding fault with others who do not agree with your unexpressed opinions.

You will also be jealous of people who are living their own lives out loud.

5. It leads to thoughtless, dangerous acts

Peer pressure leads to more acts of stupidity than anything. A college student once drove his pickup into a ditch, killing three of his friends who were riding in the bed of the truck.

When asked why he had taken his first drink on that night, he replied, “I had never been a drinker, but I finally gave into the pressure. They were teasing me for being such a goody-two-shoes.”

When asked why he had gotten behind the wheel in such a state he said, “I knew I shouldn’t be driving, but they told me I was fine and to stop acting like a lightweight.”

Of course, the young man was blaming others, whom he used as an excuse for his own negligence.

Unhealthy social conformity is nothing other than self-sabotage

Subjugating your own mind and will to the expectations of the group – when you don’t necessarily agree with the group – is self-sabotage.

We all have the tendency within us. We deny ourselves the real opportunity to connect with like-minded people. We reject ourselves and withhold our opinion before giving others a chance to make up their own mind. We allow others to control us by going along mindlessly.

We are not happy doing so, but continue to do it. Self-sabotage at its finest!





Another Nail In The Statin Coffin

Dr brownstein

If you have high cholesterol levels you should take a statin right?  That is the mantra promoted by conventional medicine. In fact, statins have become the most profitable class of medications sold by The Big Pharma Cartel.

I have seen countless patients who have been told by their doctor that if they don’t take a statin drug they are putting themselves in line for heart attack.

However, that is not what the research has found.  Did you know that:

1.       There is no indication for taking a statin drug if you have not had a cardiac event.

2.       If you are a man and have had a cardiac event, the best the statins drugs can promise you is approximately a 1-5% reduction in preventing a non-fatal heart attack.

3.       Even though they have been around for over 15 years, statin drugs have never been shown to prolong lives.

4.       In women there are no solid studies that demonstrate that it is beneficial to take a statin drug for any purpose.

The Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group that is not associated with Big Pharma money stated, “Statins do not have a proven net health benefit in primary prevention populations and thus when used in that setting do not represent good use of scarce health care resources.” (1)

A recent (2013) study found that high cholesterol  and LDL-cholesterol levels in subjects over 50 years was associated with lowered all-cause mortality. (2)  Compared to those with cholesterol  <190mg/dL, those aged 60-70 years with a cholesterol level from 190-230mg/dL had a 32% lowered mortality rate.  Those with a cholesterol level from 230-308mg/dL had a 33% reduced mortality rate.  For male subjects with a cholesterol over 308mg/dL, there was an insignificant 2% increase risk for all-cause mortality.   Women fared better. Compared to those with a cholesterol of less than 190mg/dL, women with cholesterol levels from 190-308mg/dL had a 41-43% reduction in all-cause mortality.  Similarly to men, cholesterol levels over 308mg/dL had an insignificant (2%) rise in all-cause mortality.

Folks, this study is nothing new.  Low cholesterol levels are associated with an increased risk of cancer, neurological disorders and muscle disorders.   There are many studies showing increased longevity in older people (over 59 years old) who have higher cholesterol levels.  Keep in mind that cholesterol is needed by every cell in the body to optimally function.

I stated in my book, Drugs that Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That Do, “You can’t poison a crucial enzyme and expect a good long-term result.”  Statins poison a crucial enzyme in the body—HMG CoA Reductase.  The result of poisoning this enzyme is disastrous—the chemical lowering of cholesterol is associated with disorders of the neurological and muscular systems.

The promotion of statins defies logic.  The widespread use of this class of medications doesn’t make either biochemical or common sense.  Mark my words; In the future, the widespread use of statins will be shown to be a drastic mistake in medicine.

(1)    Therapeutics Letter 77/ March-April 2010

(2)    Scandinavian J. of Primary Health Care.  2013;31:172-80

Scientist Proves DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies


awesome information showing the true nature of our reality and how science is changing everyday, opening up to the possibilities of this reality.

“Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. [For the sake of brevity I will give only a summary here. For further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this article.] The bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Garjajev’s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. ?So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

But the higher developed an individual’s consciousness is, the less need is there for any type of device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will finally stop to laugh at such ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn’t end there.?The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).? These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper communication is most effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hyper communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless.

In nature, hyper communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insect states proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as “intuition.” But we, too, can regain full use of it. An example from Nature: When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. If the queen is killed, however, all work in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do. Apparently the queen sends the “building plans” also from far away via the group consciousness of her subjects. She can be as far away as she wants, as long as she is alive. In man hyper communication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base. Such hyper communication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition. The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini for instance dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory, he called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

When hyper communication occurs, one can observe in the DNA as well as in the human being special phenomena. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hyper communication also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work. The better the atmosphere and the energy, the more frustrating it is that the recording device stops functioning and recording exactly at that moment. And repeated switching on and off after the session does not restore function yet, but next morning all is back to normal. Perhaps this is reassuring to read for many, as it has nothing to do with them being technically inept, it means they are good at hyper communication.

In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly. The authors also quote sources presuming that in earlier times humanity had been, just like the animals, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acted as a group. To develop and experience individuality we humans however had to forget hyper communication almost completely. Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can create a new form of group consciousness, namely one, in which we attain access to all information via our DNA without being forced or remotely controlled about what to do with that information. We now know that just as on the internet our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and can establish contact with other participants in the network. Remote healing, telepathy or “remote sensing” about the state of relatives etc.. can thus be explained. Some animals know also from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper communication. Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality. Otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated.

Hyper communication in the new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! AND humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind. Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school. The system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today’s children is so strong that that they refuse this adjustment and giving up their idiosyncrasies in the most diverse ways.

At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are born [see the book “China’s Indigo Children”by Paul Dong or the chapter about Indigos in my book “Nutze die taeglichen Wunder”(Make Use of the Daily Wonders)]. Something in those children is striving more and more towards the group consciousness of the new kind, and it will no longer be suppressed. As a rule, weather for example is rather difficult to influence by a single individual. But it may be influenced by a group consciousness (nothing new to some tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or individuals (spiritual masters, for instance) focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is scientifically speaking not at all surprising if they can thus influence weather.

Researchers in group consciousness have formulated the theory of Type I civilizations. A humanity that developed a group consciousness of the new kind would have neither environmental problems nor scarcity of energy. For if it were to use its mental power as a unified civilization, it would have control of the energies of its home planet as a natural consequence. And that includes all natural catastrophes!!! A theoretical Type II civilization would even be able to control all energies of their home galaxy. In my book “Nutze die taeglichen Wunder,” I have described an example of this: Whenever a great many people focus their attention or consciousness on something similar like Christmas time, football world championship or the funeral of Lady Diana in England then certain random number generators in computers start to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!

When a great number of people get together very closely, potentials of violence also dissolve. It looks as if here, too, a kind of humanitarian consciousness of all humanity is created.(The Global Consciousness Project)

To come back to the DNA: It apparently is also an organic superconductor that can work at normal body temperature. Artificial superconductors require extremely low temperatures of between 200 and 140°C to function. As one recently learned, all superconductors are able to store light and thus information. This is a further explanation of how the DNA can store information. There is another phenomenon linked to DNA and wormholes. Normally, these supersmall wormholes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. Under certain conditions stable wormholes can organize themselves which then form distinctive vacuum domains in which for example gravity can transform into electricity.

Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy. There are regions in Russia where such radiant balls appear very often. Following the ensuing confusion the Russians started massive research programs leading finally to some of the discoveries mentions above. Many people know vacuum domains as shiny balls in the sky. The attentive look at them in wonder and ask themselves, what they could be. I thought once: “Hello up there. If you happen to be a UFO, fly in a triangle.” And suddenly, the light balls moved in a triangle. Or they shot across the sky like ice hockey pucks. They accelerated from zero to crazy speeds while sliding gently across the sky. One is left gawking and I have, as many others, too, thought them to be UFOs. Friendly ones, apparently, as they flew in triangles just to please me. Now the Russians found in the regions, where vacuum domains appear often that sometimes fly as balls of light from the ground upwards into the sky, that these balls can be guided by thought. One has found out since that vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency as they are also produced in our brains.

And because of this similarity of waves they are able to react to our thoughts. To run excitedly into one that is on ground level might not be such a great idea, because those balls of light can contain immense energies and are able to mutate our genes. They can, they don’t necessarily have to, one has to say. For many spiritual teachers also produce such visible balls or columns of light in deep meditation or during energy work which trigger decidedly pleasant feelings and do not cause any harm. Apparently this is also dependent on some inner order and on the quality and provenance of the vacuum domain. There are some spiritual teachers (the young Englishman Ananda, for example) with whom nothing is seen at first, but when one tries to take a photograph while they sit and speak or meditate in hyper communication, one gets only a picture of a white cloud on a chair. In some Earth healing projects such light effects also appear on photographs. Simply put, these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces that are also exactly described in the book and with ever more stable wormholes and hyper communication and thus with energies from outside our time and space structure.

Earlier generations that got in contact with such hyper communication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them. And we cannot be too sure to what forms of consciousness we can get access when using hyper communication. Not having scientific proof for their actual existence (people having had such experiences do NOT all suffer from hallucinations) does not mean that there is no metaphysical background to it. We have simply made another giant step towards understanding our reality.

Official science also knows of gravity anomalies on Earth (that contribute to the formation of vacuum domains), but only of ones of below one percent. But recently gravity anomalies have been found of between three and four percent. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (exact location in the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” plus several others). Round objects of all kinds, from balls to full buses, roll uphill. But the stretch in Rocca di Papa is rather short, and defying logic sceptics still flee to the theory of optical illusion (which it cannot be due to several features of the location).

All information is taken from the book Vernetzte Intelligenz von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237, summarized and commented by Baerbel. The book is unfortunately only available in German so far. You can reach the authors here:

Who Switched Off My Brain? Revised: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions




1. 2. 3.

Doctor: I Do Not Know Which Secret Substances are Present in Vaccines.

next time you go to the doctors for a shot be sure to ask a  few question’s like whats in the shot for starters, doctors through years of public education have in many cases become robotized to the point where we need to wake them up. Challenge them to start thinking again. We the people have a responsibility to educate the doctors and nurses who have no clue what they are prescribing to their patients. Many of them are forced deliberately to work long hours and see too many patients they become overworked and stressed so they rely on  their computers and big pharma to help them medicine has become a production line of giving vaccines and handing out harmful drug’s. Patients are seem no longer as human beings as wards of the state no longer able to make their own decisions. The doctors themselves were the forerunners of this brainwashing system. A few questions may be all that’s needed to get their minds thinking creatively and if they do care about their patients then its not hard to see a simple conversation with your doctor may shape their worldview to the contrary.

author  By 


Many doctors do not know what ingredients are in vaccines.

Dear Doctor, do you really know what vaccines contain?

Doctor, you strongly recommend vaccines, so you should surely be able to tell us about the ingredients. No doubt you have studied the product information, so what is your opinion about secret and unknown substances in vaccines?

Doctor: I Do Not Know Which Secret Substances are Present in Vaccines.

Thank you, Doctor, for your honest answer.

You see, Doctor, we understand that vaccine manufacturers are protected by trade secrets and are not obliged to reveal all the ingredients in vaccines, even to doctors. These secret substances are termed “GRAS” (short for “Generally Recognized As Safe”). One of them is peanut oil:

“The exact composition of vaccines cannot and will not be disclosed under an exemption that protects business information with the Access to Information Act in Canada and the Freedom of Information Act in the US. Similarly, trade secrets are also exempt under the British Freedom of Information Act. Thus the guidelines to label refined peanut oil/moral obligation to label peanut oil are in conflict with laws protecting trade secrets. Full disclosure of excipients was not and continues not to be general practice in the US or Canada.” [1]

Doctor, do you find it acceptable that substances termed “Generally Recognized as Safe” when injected may, as in the case of peanut oil, cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock or lifelong allergies?

Why do you not show professional pride and sincere care for your patients by insisting that the presence of these secret ingredients be revealed?

No response, dear Doctor?

Do you know how much latex may be leached into vaccines?

Doctor:  I Do Not Know How Much Latex is Present in Vaccines.

What do you think about these facts, Doctor?

According to WebMD: In the US, 1 – 5% of the population suffers from latex allergy.

One credible reason is that millions of children are injected with fluids containing latex allergens over and over again in connection with vaccination schedules.

The presence of latex allergens in vaccines is due to leaching into the fluids from syringe tip caps, plungers and multi-dose vial stoppers. Information can normally be found about which specific vaccines have latex in the packaging, but this is not dependable as manufacturers often change rubber stoppers, etc . [2]

It is also impossible to know the amount of latex allergens which has leached into vaccine fluids. Amounts may vary according to time and storage conditions.

When you puncture rubber stoppers of vaccine vials in connection with dose withdrawals, won’t there surely be many rubber particles released into the vaccine?

Doctor: I Do Not Know the Extent of Rubber Particles Present.

Well, we understand that the last doses in multi-dose vials contain the most particles of rubber.

You surely agree, Doctor, that particles in injections may result in serious health consequences for patients.

For interest, we contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ask about quality control of vial stoppers. We received this response:

“To the best of my knowledge, there is no specific requirement for the manufacturer to count and identify particles after vaccine stoppers are punctured.” [3]

Can you guarantee that vaccine doses contain equal amounts of virus allergen?

Doctor: I Do Not Know the Amounts of Virus Allergen Present in Each Dose.

True, Doctor. Nobody knows this.

Virus antigens in vaccines may be in the form of tiny particles invisible to the naked eye, which float in the vaccine fluid. [4] Irrespective of the shaking technique of the person who administers the injection and even if they measure the volume of fluid correctly from a multi-dose vial, it cannot be guaranteed that the correct strength or amount of virus antigen will be the same for each person in the vaccine line!

Are you aware that the last doses in multi-dose vials may contain the most mercury?

Doctor: I Do Not Know How Much Mercury is in Each Dose.

That is surely serious, Doctor.

“… thimerosal (mercury preservative) tends to settle in the vial. If it is not shaken up before being drawn, the first dose will contain low concentrations of mercury and the last dose will contain enormously high concentrations. If your baby is the unlucky one that gets the last dose, serious brain injury can result.” [5]

Did you know that there can be a microbial contamination rate of up to 27% in multi-dose vials and that this may result in serious health conditions for patients?

Doctor: I Do Not Know the Extent of Microbial Contamination.

Each time a dose is withdrawn, there is risk of microbial contamination of the vaccine, with the last doses being the most contaminated. Contamination comes from the air and surroundings and it can also be caused by the doctor or nurse who administers the vaccine. The more people who are present, the greater is the risk of contamination.

“There is significant variation in user techniques associated with multi-dose vials, and faulty aseptic technique is the primary cause of vial contamination.”

“Studies have demonstrated that the bacterial contamination rates of multiple-dose vials vary significantly… the contamination rate in published studies has been as low as 0% and as high
as 27%.”

“The preponderance of evidence that contaminated multi-dose vials have contributed significantly to morbidity and mortality must not be ignored.” [6]

– See more


















Study finds cheap tea bags contain dangerously high levels of fluoride

Study finds cheap tea bags contain dangerously high levels of fluoride


( for cheap supermarket tea bags over artisan blends could have long-term health consequences, according to new research.

A study published in the journal Food Research International has found that cheap tea bags from supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco can push a person’s fluoride intake over daily recommended levels and put them at a higher risk of bone and dental disease.

Experts have now called for supermarkets and tea manufacturers to consider stating fluoride concentration as part of the nutritional information found on food packaging.

Levels of fluoride found in 38 tea products were compared by PhD student Laura Chan, Professor Aradhana Mehra and Professor Paul Lynch from the University of Derby.

Using Ion Selective Electrode analysis – which analyses trace elements, such as fluoride, in a liquid – of the dry tea, and of the tea infusions brewed with boiling water for two minutes, the researchers compared the fluoride levels consumed by someone drinking the average intake of four cups or a litre of tea a day.

It is recommended that an adult does not consume more than three to four mg of fluoride per day.

Yet researchers discovered that economy blends of tea contained between 75 per cent and 120 per cent of the recommended daily intake.

On average, a litre of cheap supermarket tea contained six mg of fluoride.

Excessive intake of fluoride can cause a variety of health problems.

In addition to tea, fluoride can be found in some seafood, fluoride-enriched toothpaste, drinking water in some areas of the country and in processed foods using fluoridated water.

Less seriously dental fluorosis can occur, which causes white and brown spots appear on the enamel of the teeth, and results in an unsightly ‘mottled’ effect.

This can be the first sign that fluoride has poisoned enzymes in the body.

But it can also cause skeletal fluorosis, a crippling disease that causes symptoms including bone and joint pain, muscle weakness and gastrointestinal disorders.

This tends to occur in people who have routinely consumed 10 to 20mg of fluoride per day for 10 to 20 years or 2.5 to five mg per day for at least 40 years. In the most severe cases, the spine becomes completely rigid.

Excessive fluoride consumption has also been linked to osteoporosis.

A higher incidence of kidney stones has also been recorded in areas with high fluoride levels in drinking water.

Research has also linked excessive fluoride exposure to bone cancer in young men. A 1992 study found that osteosarcoma rates were three to seven times higher in fluoridated water areas than non-fluoridated areas.

MSNBC host says newborn infants don’t count as ‘alive’ unless parents decide they do; infanticide is the new abortion

abortionToday Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, this can include months or years after a child is born.

That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?

Indeed, they do. MSNBC talking head Melissa Harris-Perry insists that life only begins when the parents have a “feeling” that it begins. “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling — but not science,” Harris-Perry said to nationwide astonishment on her July 21 MSNBC show.

And in one stroke, she simultaneously condones the murder of newborn infants (i.e. “post-birth abortion”) while attacking the science of biology which unambiguously states that a living, breathing infant with a heartbeat and brain function is alive, not dead.

But don’t tell that to the radical abortion whackos. Far beyond arguing for the “right” to abort a baby in the first or second trimester, many abortion advocates who run in the same circles as Melissa Harris-Perry are now publicly arguing that it is okay for parents to kill their children up to age three. This is now being promoted as a “post-birth abortion.”

It was also called a “fourth trimester abortion” by a clever pollster who recently took to the streets of George Mason University to find out if summertime college students would sign a petition legalizing fourth-trimester abortions. Nearly all who were asked to sign the petition did so! One of the college students even asked whether the procedure would “cause harm to the child.”

“Well the child wouldn’t be there anymore,” responded the pollster, after which the college student then proceeded to sign the petition.


And yes, this is how incredibly stupid many of today’s college students really are. Then again, I remember a guy back in college who walked in on a group of us watching a football game and asked, “How many quarters are there in a football game?” His lack of mathematical prowess would have made him a ripe target for the “fourth trimester abortion” gimmick, I’ll bet.

Murdering live babies under the label of “abortion”

Let’s be clear about where all this is headed. This is not about arguing over a woman’s right to have a first- or second-trimester abortion. This isn’t even a debate about a third-trimester abortion, the kind of abortion that was recently outlawed in Texas, much to the despair of late-term abortion advocates across the country, some of whom actually chanted “Hail Satan” in unison at the Austin abortion rally.

This is really about the zealous desire of the radical left to legalize the “aborting” of babies after they are born alive so that parents can have the legal right to kill living babies they suddenly decide they don’t want to raise.

Getting back to Harris-Perry, according to her radical brand of death culture ideology, a parent can “decide” that a baby born alive isn’t really alive yet. That parent can wait to see whether the baby is well-behaved, or cute, or has the right skin color, or whatever, before deciding whether to keep it or kill it. If such an ideology were fronted by someone like George Bush, it would be wildly derided as barbaric and anti-human, but because the idea of murdering newborn babies is being pushed by liberals, it is met with silence instead of outrage.

“When a pregnancy is wanted . . . It is easy to think of the bump as a baby,” says Melissa Harris-Perry, implying that when a pregnancy is not wanted, that bump isn’t a baby at all. Somehow it’s just a mass of dead tissue that you can dispose of at will. The fact that the “bump” results in a live childbirth is never admitted by people like Harris-Perry. The baby isn’t “alive” until you decide it is!

Recently, two black parents were shocked to find that the woman gave birth to a white baby. According to Melissa Harris-Perry, these two black parents can now “decide” their white baby isn’t alive at all and therefore commit infanticide that’s rephrased as a “post-birth abortion.”

This is the position embraced by the radical left: babies are not humans, and it is okay to murder them even up to age three.

Newborn babies have no “moral right to life”

A study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics argues that newborn babies have no “moral right to life,” and are thus not actually “persons.” Alberto Giubilini, from The University of Milan, and Francesca Minerva, a post-doctoral fellow at The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, are heroes of the radical left. They argue that infanticide should be legal but renamed “post-birth abortion.”

They insist that newborn babies have no right to life and that parents can simply “decide” to kill their children for all sorts of reasons, including feeling like the child will be too expensive to raise, or suddenly discovering the fact that newborn babies cry a lot.

“Rather than being actual persons, newborns were potential persons,” write the study authors. They don’t really count as human beings until the parents decide they do.

This appears to be the same argument being made by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who expressed extreme outrage over the murder of Trayvon Martin but seems to openly embrace the murder of countless black infants who are born alive and healthy but are “unwanted” by their parents. Life begins based “on the feeling of the parents,” she submits. So it’s utterly unscientific and subject to (liberal) interpretation, which in this case seems to favor infanticide and even eugenics. (By far most aborted babies in America are Black and Hispanic. If post-birth abortion is openly embraced, most of the murdered infants will also be Black and Hispanic.)

And so the violent contradiction of radical leftist ideology is exposed in the raw: Liberals claim to support “equality” but then they consider living babies to be “non-persons.” Liberals claim to support racial minorities, yet they endorse and even encourage the murder of the young babies of their own minority race. Liberals claim that all life is sacred, but their glaring exception is the life of a newborn child, which should be the most sacred of all but is instead considered worthless.

When it comes to taking a life, pro-abortion liberals are all for it. But when it comes to defending your life with a legal firearm, liberals are aggressively opposed to it.

So let me get this straight: Murder is okay but self defense is evil?

Or better yet, if Trayvon Martin had been an “unwanted” newborn just six months old, would his murder have been celebrated by the left instead of mourned? Help me figure this out, please, because I’m trying to understand at what age, exactly, the murder of a young black baby invokes racially-charged marches across the nation vs. receiving applause from people like Melissa Harris-Perry. Apparently if Trayvon Martin had been murdered by his own parents 16 years earlier, that would have been perfectly acceptable to these people.

Melissa Harris-Perry is a modern-day holocaust denier

At the risk of being accused of making sense, let me state the obvious here: People like Melissa Harris-Perry are the new holocaust deniers. They are anti-human agenda pushers who literally inspire others to murder their own children.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot accept, as a spiritual human being and a responsible member of society, the legalization of the murder of babies who are born alive and breathing. Yet that is precisely what the radical left is pushing for: the “right” to murder their own children up to the age of three. (Oh yeah, they’re also pushing for the “right” to kill elderly people, but that’s another article altogether.)

Such an agenda is despicable, if not downright demonic. And the fact that people like Harris-Perry spew this death cult violence on MSNBC — the propaganda branch of the White house — only further proves that MSNBC has lost all credibility and is now being run as a Hitler-style holocaust support network that tolerates hosts who effectively endorse the mass murder of babies all across America.

There is evil in this nation, and wicked women like Harris-Perry are steeped in it. Mainstream media networks like MSNBC thrive on it, and the destructive forces that currently occupy the White House gain power from it. Everywhere you turn, there are efforts under way to sow racial hatred, murder innocent babies, poison the food supply, chemically lobotomize children with vaccines and enslave the masses medically and economically.

I hereby denounce this wickedness, on the record, as a statement of principle for the world to witness. I will forever oppose these merchants of death and their sick, demented eugenics schemes. I will fight to protect the lives of the innocent for as long as I am alive, even if those innocent lives include two-day-old black babies who have just been brought into this world through the miracle of gestation and childbirth.

I call for all Natural News readers and supporters to take steps each and every day to resist evil and overcome the forces of death and destruction that now dominate our society through witch-hearted minions like Melissa Harris-Perry, a traitor to humanity and an endorser of the murder of children.

This woman should be immediately blackballed by the entire media and yanked off the air to return to her own little world of tampon earrings and dead newborns. Or maybe she will murder her own baby in the near future and feature it on the set of MSNBC in a special celebration broadcast complete with pentagrams etched on the desk and a chorus of hooded Satan worshippers drinking the blood of the dead fetus while Melissa Harris-Perry reads the names of sponsors. Sadly, it would probably get record ratings and be heralded by the death culture media as “pioneering television.” And it would most certainly be cheered by the radical left as a “choice.”

Learn more: 

Pooping Canada geese may have spread GM wheat seeds

Pooping Canada geese may have spread GM wheat seeds

Agriculture Canada planted GM wheat in Ottawa, but never thought what might happen if Canada geese flew off with the seeds.

Photograph by: Pat McGrath , Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Canada geese may have spread viable seeds of genetically modified wheat grown at the Central Experimental Farm, documents from Agriculture Canada show.

The odds aren’t high, the department says.

But the geese ate the experimental wheat last summer at the Experimental Farm. Geese are voracious eaters and leave droppings every few minutes.

The fear is that these geese may have left poop with living GM wheat seeds that could allow GM wheat to spread outside the controlled field, or even away from the farm itself.

The issue blew up on a Friday night in 2012, taking the department by surprise.

Now the Citizen has obtained internal emails, with many of the relevant details blacked out, showing the rush by federal bureaucrats to find out whether the GM seeds had flown the coop, potentially to other farms.

GM wheat is not approved in Canada. Many growers, including the Canadian Wheat Board, strongly oppose it, saying that growing GM wheat will make all Canadian wheat harder to sell in Europe and Asia.

And the last thing any grower wants is to have ordinary wheat crops accidentally mixed with the GM varieties.

This happened last month in Oregon, where a farmer discovered transgenic wheat growing on his land. He had never planted any and the source remains unknown, but Japan and South Korean briefly banned U.S. wheat imports.

Many species of plants are commonly spread when birds eat berries or nuts and then drop the seeds in their feces.

The issue seems to have come out of left field for the Experimental Farm.

On Aug. 24, 2012, an Agriculture Canada staffer wrote, in an email to her colleagues, that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) had just informed her of an incident involving an Agriculture Canada wheat researcher.

The CFIA regulates trials of experimental GM crops. Its records show that in 2012, Agriculture Canada had two permits to run “confined research field trials” of experimental wheat in Ottawa. These are outdoor trials where strict controls are intended to minimize the chance of DNA introduced by humans from escaping to the environment.

These trials are reserved for GM crops; crops where the DNA is altered through human-induced mutations (often with chemicals or radiation); or conventionally-bred crops that are so genetically different from those in the environment that they can’t be allowed to mix.

CFIA refused to answer questions about the incident Tuesday.

Agriculture Canada emails show the department had to scurry to find out whether GM wheat seeds “will survive in the goose ‘poop’.”

On the following Monday, Agriculture Canada produced a list of “talking points” designed to make the problem look minor if the public found out.

This list concludes that “the dispersal of viable seed by urban and suburban populations of Canada Geese is minimal,” and adds that the seeds are spring wheat which “would be killed by the winter frost.”

The experimental wheat was surrounded by rows of ordinary wheat in the field, a standard technique in GM tests to keep the genetically modified DNA from spreading beyond the field.

The geese ate both kinds, meaning only some of the seeds they spread were genetically modified, the talking points note.

“So in reality, only a small population of the geese probably fed on very little material resulting in much dilution …” The rest of the talking point is blacked out.

An Agriculture Canada spokesman echoed those talking points Tuesday, confirming that the wheat was an experimental variety designed to resist fungus, and adding that “the latest research indicates that there is minimal risk of dispersal of viable seeds through Canada geese droppings. Additionally, since the seeds were a spring wheat cultivar, even if the seeds were to survive a goose’s digestive system, they would be killed by winter frost.”

The experimental wheat contains a collection of genetic material called GLK1 which can help a variety of plants resist fusarium, a destructive fungus that affects many grains.

Last year Canada geese destroyed some $250,000 worth of experimental crops at the Farm. This year the Farm hired a company that uses border collies to stalk the geese and eventually drive them away

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Satanicly inspired painted ladies Stripped easels: Weird and wacky displays of art on humans at the international bodypainting festival

  • Hundreds of models and artists flock to the annual Body Painting World Festival
  • Event, which takes place in Poertschach, Austria, now in its 16th year
  • Artists take inspiration from nature and science fiction as they vie for the prestigious top prize

Her face painted blue, a crown of leaves on her head and her arm transformed into a Biblical serpent this woman becomes an alternative Eve as she clutches a tempting apple.

The Eden-inspired model is one of hundreds of people whose bodies have been turned into living canvases as they depict all things wild and wonderful in a brightly-coloured spectacle.

The kalidoscopic models are all taking part in the annual Body Painting World Festival where hundreds of artists from across the globe converge for their yearly celebration.

Would you Adam and Eve it? This model portrays both the Biblical serpent and an alternative Eve as she poses during the annual World Bodypainting Festival

Would you Adam and Eve it? This model portrays both the Biblical serpent and an alternative Eve as she poses during the annual World Bodypainting Festival

full pictures of the strange minds of the illuminate

Rare Undersea Discovery Could Extend Your Life by 10, 20 or 30 Years

Rare Undersea Discovery Could Extend Your Life by 10, 20 or 30 Years

Humans have made incredible health strides and are living longer lives than ever.  Many of the maladies that struck down our ancestors have for the most part been completely eliminated – everything from tuberculosis, to polio to malaria.

Today, the biggest killers stem as much from our lifestyles as from microscopic bacteria and viruses.  One of the worst of these is heart disease, and specifically high blood pressure. It’s a slow, but efficient killer that robs many people of what should be the last 10, 20 or 30 years of their lives.

Part of the reason that heart disease is so prevalent and intractable is that it often requires massive changes to one’s lifestyle— changes that are not easy to make.  Everything from radically altering ones diet to implementing serious exercise routines.  And while it’s never too late to start, people often realize the true danger only when it’s too late to make the changes and the damage is done.

Now, however, there may be a scientific breakthrough that could have an impact on high blood pressure comparable to penicillin’s ability treat infections or quinine’s effect on malaria.

Scientists are claiming that they have now isolated unusual ingredients in a rare seaweed discovered by fishermen off the coast of Korea that offer incredible health benefits—including the ability to restore blood pressure to normal levels.

Dr. Haengwoo Lee, a renowned biochemist living near Seattle, Washington conducted a massive 15 year, multimillion dollar clinical study on these two ingredients. The first is Seanol, an extremely rare seaweed extract from Ecklonia Cava that’s proven to be 100 times more powerful than any land-based antioxidant. That’s because it stays working in your body for 12 hours, compared to land-based antioxidants that work for 30 minutes.

“Its secret is its make-up of special polyphenol antioxidants that are a whopping 40% lipid (fat) soluble,” Dr. Lee explains. “Unlike nearly all land-based antioxidants that are water soluble, Seanol’s protective compounds can get into things like the fatty tissues of your brain and penetrate all three layers of your cells, including the outside, the oil-based cell membranes, and your DNA.”


Indeed, Seanol is so powerful, it’s the only FDA-approved Ecklonia Cava marine-algae extract in existence.

The second ingredient is Calamarine, a deep-sea omega-3 discovery that delivers 85% more DHA omega-3s to your heart, brain, joints, and eyes. It’s known to combat everything from fatigue and poor memory, to vision problems, joint pain, mood swings and depression.

With that research in mind, Dr. Lee combined Seanol and Calamarine with a high dose of vitamin D to form Marine-D3, the newest supplement in the fight against age-related illnesses and high blood pressure.

According to the CDC, about 1 in 3 U.S. adults has high blood pressure, which increases the risk for heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the United States. Increasing your omega-3 intake can reduce high blood pressure, and because it’s difficult to get enough omega-3s in foods like fish and nuts, many people turn to supplements.

Dr. Lee found that Calamarine delivers some of the greatest concentration of omega-3s known to science, and has been able to formulate it without any fishy burps or aftertaste. Combined with Seanol’s ability to reduce body inflammation, as well as help cells get the nutrients they need to thrive, stay healthy and protected, Marine-D3 is able to boost a body’s entire well being.

The makers of Marine-D3 are so confident that you’ll see fast dramatic results from this product, that if you aren’t happy after two full months, simply return the unused portion and they’ll buy it back. They’ll even give you ten dollars extra just for giving it an honest try! That kind of faith, combined with Dr. Lee’s exhaustive research, shows that Marine-D3 really is a one-of-a-kind product.

Click here to learn more about Marine-D3.

Marine D3 - 1 Month Supply of Supplements By Marine Essentials - With Calamarine, Seanol-P, and Vitamin D3